The DIRT on Bill Clinton’s Monaco Photo Buddy, Pornstar Tasha Reign, Just Got MUDDIER!!

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tasha reign aka Rachel Swimmer aka Rachel Lorraine - Laguna Beach cast member - Bill Clinton Brooklyn Lee Monte Carlos scandal courtesy Marc Bell of PenthouseMonica Foster commentary: This is interesting… according to this morning,  it appears that Tasha Reign (the pornstar who took the recent infamous photo with Bill Clinton – alongside her pornstar buddy Brooklyn Lee – when she taken overseas by Penthouse CEO Mark Bell to Monte Carlos ) was a cast member of mainstream Reality Drama Laguna Beach as Rachel Swimmer.

Considering that the Los Angeles porn industry is CONSISTENTLY trying to link it’s most heavily promoted pornstars to mainstream media, one must ask WHY hasn’t Reign / Swimmer’s  Laguna Beach past been made “common knowledge” by her agent Derek Hay and/or PR team over at LA Direct models?

iafd no known alias for Tasha Reign aka Rachel LorraineClick to enlarge: IAFD lists no known alias for Tasha Reign aka Rachel Lorraine – Why?

It seems that Tasha Reign aka Rachel Swimmer was a cast member on Laguna Beach in the 3rd season of the show (according to wikipedia) in 2006. It also appears that Tasha / Rachel is known as “Rachel Lorraine” as well – at least according to Boobpedia. It’s quite odd that doesn’t mention ANY of her aliases as you can see in the screen shot to the right.The team wonders: What was Tasha / Rachel up to exactly between 2006 and 2010 (according to IAFD she didn’t start her adult career until 2010)? That’s four LONG years she was MIA (missing in action)…What could it be that prompted Tasha / Rachel to take the plunge from what appears to be the beginnings of a solid mainstream entertainment career stemming from Laguna Beach – into the tawdry world of pornography? 

Tasha Reign does not feel the Los Angeles porn industry or her appearance is "tawdry"

According to Tasha Reign’s twitter she’s NEVER worked as an escort (even though it seems her pornstar buddy Brooklyn Lee may via her listing on Premium Jetset) ….and according to an article on “she was never a fame whore”.


***Update: This morning on twitter Tasha Reign stated to PornNewsToday that from 2007 to 2010 she was a “Playboy Model” under her alternate alias Rachel Lorraine (umm…isn’t that porn as well IAFD?) and a college student.  Tasha also stated that Brooklyn Lee has never escorted and the site of which she’s listed,  Premium Jetset, ”steals pics to advertise”. If that’s the case someone needs to notify escort website Premium Jetset that since they’re “stealing photos” of girls to advertise,  it’s rather silly to have their “attorney” send out emails stating that they will be taking to court (PNT will post an article about that later this week).

tasha reign says brooklyn lee doesn't escortTasha Reign says she's never worked as an escortarticle courtesy

“Laguna Beach” Cast Member Now Makes Porn and Nuzzles Bill Clinton

Lagunans may remember Rachel Swimmer, but the rest of the world now knows her as Tasha Reign, Porn Superstar.

Boy, assorted hunks of news media sure have been freaking out over the Sept. 1 DUI arrest of former “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” window dressing piece Talan Torriero.

Rachel Swimmer before she transformed into Tasha Reign aka Rachel Lorraine

The 25-year-old pseudo-star—who Wikipedia describes as ”Surfer who was friends with all of the girls on the show and supposedly hooked up with most of them before filming”—was popped in the wee morning hours of Sept. 1 near Brooks Street and Coast Highway, and his mug has summarily been pasted all over not only UV-hungry Laguna Beach news sites, but ones in Seattle, Indiana, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Iowa, Oregon, Orlando and Kansas City as well.

And those are just the ones Google Alerts lets us know about …

While not quite as huge a name as Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, or any of the other veterans from The Show Laguna Beach Citizens Love To Hate, Torriero’s newsmaking abilities and the subsequent media pile-up had us wondering about another “LB:TROC” alum who just might be the most successful of the bunch … Rachel Swimmer.

Though she was a mere supporting player in the show’s Season Three, Swimmer has moved on from Laguna Beach to become a successful entrepreneuer, an accomplished film actor, writer, director, college student, and, as this recent LA Weekly profile piece points out, occasional UCLA lecturer.

But the world probably knows Swimmer best by her other name: Tasha Reign.

bill clinton, tasha reign and brooklyn lee

That would be porn superstar and Penthouse Pet Tasha Reign.

Swimmer/Reign actually caused a global stir back in May when she was photographed nuzzling up next to Bill Clinton at a benefit in Monaco. From the LA Weekly story:

She’d never met Clinton before that night. “There were a million gorgeous models there; it’s not like we stood out in the crowd by any means. He probably thought, ‘If these girls want to take a picture with me, they’re probably donating so much money, I better take a picture with them.’ Why not?”

But when Bell’s girlfriend tweeted the photo, everyone saw Tasha the porn star, not Rachel the student. Hucksters teased that old rascal Bill was up to no good again — surely he must know the identity of the busty blonde at his arm.

“I didn’t even think for one second it would be controversial,” Rachel says. “Then all of a sudden, there’s, like, all of these retweets and retweets and it’s trending.”

Funny enough, Reign/Swimmer says she was worried that the Clinton photo would hurt herreputation:

“Everyone’s like, ‘This should be cool for you, it’s PR, everyone knows your name.’ I would never want that negative type of press,” she says. “I’m so proud of the movies that I make, and the scenes that I do and the pictures that I take; I don’t want any guilt by association and be put in some negative light.”

Much, much more at the link …

Tasha Reign aka Rachel Swimmer debating the strip club tax on a Huffington Post video segment 

The beginning of Tasha Reign and the hiatus of Rachel Swimmer


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