Anonymous Leaks Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking about Gang Rape – Thank Porn Valley and Entertainment for the Rape Culture We’re ALL Living In!!

EDITORIAL: This is the first I’ve heard of this story so I’m wondering why our mainstream media is heavily covering violations against girls and women in other countries but aren’t talking about what’s happening right here in our own backyards!!

I will warn you that hearing these young men talking about the rape victim will sicken your stomach and make you wonder where our World will be if the damage done to these generations is not reversed. Violence against children and females is reaching an epidemic around the World but also, right here in America. Unfortunately, our media and current government administration is hiding the truth while pimping propaganda to the entire World!!

This video should be a lesson showing what unregulated porn and raunchy entertainment has done to our cultures. We are living in a sexually violent environment thanks to these industries hyper-sexualized products being force fed to all of us through every network, radio station and internet connection.

Just think where we’ll soon be if they are allowed to continue pimping ’50 Shades’ torture as consenting sex where girls win!!


The hackers leak damning video in operation against high schoolers accused of raping an unconscious 16-year-old VIDEO


As Salon noted last month, Anonymous launched an attack on Ohio’s Steubenville High School football players accused of gang raping a 16-year-old girl who was unconscious during a night of parties.

KnightSec, an arm of the hacker collective that specifically targets rapists, demanded a public apology be issued to the young woman and warned that it would release personal information of Big Red football players and staff who have defended the accused young men. No apology was issued by the hackers’ deadline of Jan. 1. That day, a video was leaked of a teenage boy — a former Steubenville High baseball team member — captured cruelly joking about the sexual assault.

“She is so raped,” he laughs, continuing an offensive tirade including the lines, “They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson!” and “they raped her more than the Duke lacrosse team!” grossly quipping that the unconscious girl was “deader than Trayvon Martin,”  even as other voices captured in the video interject, saying, “That’s not cool, bro … That’s like rape. It is rape. They raped her.” Other teens in the video laugh along.

Police released a statement following the video’s release stating that they were already aware of the footage and had interviewed the young man who made the video, but did not comment further.

Jezebel noted that the boy featured tweeted “some people deserve to be peed on” the night of the rape last August. The New York Times reported — in an article that brought national attention to the incident –  that “Twitter posts, videos and photographs circulated by some who attended the nightlong set of parties suggested that an unconscious girl had been sexually assaulted over several hours while others watched. She even might have been urinated on.”

Two players on Steubenville’s locally beloved high school football team were arrested on rape charges and await a hearing in February. Anonymous launched its operation, #OpRedRoll, to target other individuals believed to have also carried out or helped cover up the assault, which includes adults in the Steubenville community who defended the football players and instead blamed the rape victim for trying to defame the team.

You can watch the leaked video, which contains highly offensive speech, here.


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