FBI Raids Office of Dr. Tied to Senator Bob Menendez in Sex Tourism Underage Sex Trafficking Probe

MEDIA MENTALITY: Menendez is accused of purchasing underage or minor sex trafficking victims. Stop calling them prostitutes and soft soaping what it really is. They are NOT sex workers. They are CHILDREN who are trafficked and sold to predators and pedophiles for sex.

If Menendez is guilty, HE’S GUILTY OF ENGAGING IN SEX TOURISM AND SEX TRAFFICKING OF MINORS, not just being a john!!

SIDEBAR: I see a definite trend when democrats have bad press, media does NOT note the party affiliation in their coverage but when republicans end up on the front page with egg on their face, it’s overstated that they are GOP!!


FOX NEWS – FBI agents seized evidence from the West Palm Beach office of the eye doctor who is suspected of providing underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic to Sen. Bob Menendez.

Late Tuesday night, agents raided the business of Dr. Salomon Melgen, collecting evidence for an investigation into the finances of the well-connected doctor.

The FBI is believed to be focusing its investigation on the senator’s contact with Dominican prostitutes and whether the doctor played any role in the matter, The Miami Heraldis reporting.

Melgen’s West Palm Beach office was unable to be reached for comment. A person who answered the phone at the Delray Beach office told Fox News Latino that she was not sure whether the office would be opening on Wednesday.

Since 1998, Melgen has contributed at least $357,000 to political campaigns and committees, including the political campaigns of Menendez, according to The Herald. Citing Florida and federal campaign records, Melgen contributed 9 percent of his political contributions to Menendez’s federal campaign.

Melgen currently owes $11 million in back taxes from 2006 to 2009 according to the Palm Beach County recorder’s office. In 2011, a previous IRS lien for $6.2 million was released.

Despite his financial woes, Melgen lives a lavish lifestyle, including his own private jet which he frequently uses to travel between Florida and the Dominican resort town of Casa de Campo where the doctor is from.

News of the link between the longtime friends surfaced for the first time when the website the Daily Caller interviewed two alleged prostitutes who said they had relations with the senator at Melgen’s mansion in Casa de Campo.

On Jan. 25, emails between Special Agent Regino E. Chavez and a source named Peter Williams were published showing  the FBI opened an inquiry on August 1, 2012, focusing on the trips Menendez took with Melgen.

The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington referred Williams to the FBI back in July.

The group’s executive director, Melanie Sloan, told Fox News Latino the group made the decision to do so after receiving “a lot of information from this tipster” regarding Menendez and the prostitutes.

Menendez denied the allegations when asked by the website on Monday saying, “I’m not going to respond to the fallacious allegations of your story.”

In 58 pages of e-mail exchanges between an FBI and an alleged source, the source claimed some of the prostitutes Menendez hired were underage.

The FBI emails were published just days before Menendez came into the national spotlight as part of the “gang of 8,” a group of senators pushing their plan for an overhaul of the immigration system. It also comes as Menendez is expected to succeed Sen. John Kerry as chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee after Kerry is sworn in as Secretary of State.

It is unclear whether the allegations will stall or torpedo Menendez’s widely expected move to head the committee.

The FBI has not commented on the case.