MORE DEVIANT DEMOCRATS: It’s NOT Just About Hiring Prostitutes, Spitzer STOLE Taxpayers $80,000 to Pay for Them – Now Wants to be NYC Comptroller

EDITORIAL: The Democrats ‘Redemption Run’ is definitely getting out of control as the slime slips back in from under the political rocks their careers crashed on. Bad enough to find out Weiner was still submerged in pervy cyber sex until at least last summer (tho he resigned in the summer of 2011, a full year earlier), now Spitzer, who stole $80,000 of taxpayers money to actually feed his sexual addiction in person, is running for NYC Comptroller.

Ya know, the guy who keeps track of the taxpayers money!!

Eliot Spitzer swore off prostitutes in 2008, apparently

Daily Caller – 2:01 PM 07/24/2013

Eliot Spitzer has denied using prostitutes after his 2008 resignation as Governor of New York, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Spitzer, who is now running to be New York’s next comptroller, said he had “absolutely not” used prostitutes since his political downfall.

“And we’re done answering those questions,” he added.

Spitzer was asked the question one day after Anthony Weiner admitted that he continued sexting women after he resigned from Congress.

Spitzer, whose tough stance on banks earned him the nickname “The Sheriff of Wall Street,” has repeatedly apologized for the prostitution scandal which led to his resignation in 2008.

In a campaign ad aired on Wednesday, Spitzer said he “failed, big time” but pleaded voters for “a fair shot.”

Spitzer was known as Client 9 when he used the high-end escort service Emperor’s Club VIP. The then-22-year-old woman at the center of the scandal, Ashley Dupre, an aspiring pop singer, later posed for Playboy.

Some are arguing Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal could harm Spitzer’s campaign chances, serving as a painful reminder of Spitzer’s past misdeeds.

“Whether or not they like it, they’re a ticket,” Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics, told the New York Daily News. “[I can] see New Yorkers saying, ‘Enough. Enough!’ It’s just too much.”

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