Katarina Zemanova: Czech President’s Daughter says Photos of her Gyrating with Naked Men at Porn Orgy FAKE

EDITORIAL: Whether fake or not, this just goes to show that NO ONE’S daughters are safe from the corruption of porn/sex cults. They aim to take you down. Only question is . . . will you help them by letting them into your circles of family and friends. If you let them in, they aim to have sex with everyone and have everyone have sex with everyone else. That includes your wives and children.

That includes every orifice of your wife and children’s bodies that these predators can stick their penises in. They’ll even be happy to take your anus, men. The goal of the sexual predators running these porn and sex cults is to put it to everyone they can, most of all, the children!!

Just because you live in a better neighborhood or your kids go to better (or religious) schools, your children are no less susceptible. In fact, it actually makes them more of a target because tapping into parents who have access to power and influence is the primary goal of these porn infused sex cult leaders. They want your power to have sex with and pimp ALL the children and to have mainstream access to promote their pimping ways as a healthy and normal expression of sexuality. Watch the VIDEO and you decide if any of this looks like healthy or normal sexuality to you. No, satanic sexual rituals to channel their sexual energy into evil is really what this is all about.

As political leaders, you give them your power when you let their recruitment (porn) videos own the internet. Your kids ALL watch them too. Your kids ALL grow up in the same culture ours do. This could be ANY one of your daughters. You decide if they get to take all the daughters, including yours or if we get to take them back from the pimps and keep them with our families.

There’s no daughter in the World safe as long as all you leaders out there continue to do nothing about the proliferation of porn in our societies. Continuing to do nothing helps the pimps get away with everything. And that everything includes YOUR daughters too!!

PARENTS: See the photos below and the video HERE (GRAPHIC) of what all your daughters are REALLY doing out there in the World these days. Is this how you want them to ‘express’ their sexuality? Being bent over and gang-banged at parties every weekend?

DADS: Will you keep protecting your precious porn so you can masturbate to new sweet meat rather than to save your own daughter’s virtue and keep your sons from becoming registered sex offenders??

FEMINISTS: Is this what you had in mind when you burned your bras in th 1960s? Do you really think this empowers your daughters and ours, being bent over doggy-style and gang-banged by a bunch of strange men at parties, clubs and concerts, because these girls sure don’t look very empowered to me. It’s seems more like “Bend over and take it, Bitch” with a capital “B“.

Why do you continue to protect pimps and sexual predators by being pro-sex industry over your own daughters healthy sexual futures?? Would you really rather your own daughters become enslaved sex workers then to have healthy sexual relationships with men? Choosing to protect sex industries over your daughters own sexuality is bringing that exact result!!

This is what’s really happening to ALL your daughters out there, all the way down into junior high school. I’ve spoken to youth leaders, therapists and teachers from around the World. They tell me they are speaking to children who are doing this because the World says it’s normal and okay but being gang-banged by friends every afternoon after school isn’t feeling very normal or okay to them. It’s not normal because these children are all participating in mutual sexual assault of themselves and their peers.

Children are participating in extreme sexual acts all thanks to porn and their sex cults and all thanks to a bunch of adults who continue to protect the US entertainment industries and their elite members list of sexual predators instead of protecting all of our daughters and sons!

This is the result of too many staying silent and doing nothing to save, not only our daughters, but their own daughters as well!!

The teenage daughter of Czech president Milos Zeman, Katarina Zemanova, has denied being at a porn party

Performance art: Sex acts are commonplace at the event – CEN

The Mirror – October 10 2013

Czech president Milos Zeman’s teenage daughter has denied taking part in an orgy after X-rated pictures emerged apparently showing her gyrating with naked men.

Blonde Katarina Zemanova says snaps captured at the event in Prague showing her surrounded by girls guzzling drinks while naked men perform sex acts are fake.

Wearing a white blouse and short black skirt, the 19-year-old is said to be enjoying the city’s famous sex scene with friends in pictures and film footage that has emerged in a local paper.

But Miss Zemanova has denied the KateGate photos and video (as local media have dubbed the affair) are of her, slamming them as a forgeries.

Speaking through a spokesman, the president’s daughter said: “This was not me. The photos are a hoax or some sort of fake.

But Pavel Novotny, editor of Extra.cz, which initially published the photos, has now released the footage saying: “This is viral on the Czech internet.

“And it is clearly her and not some lookalike. She even has the same freckles.”

The teenage daughter of Czech president Milos Zeman, Katarina Zemanova, has denied being at a porn party
Party on: The Miss Zemanova ‘lookalike’ shows her appreciation

This is not the first time Mr Zeman’s family have been embarrassed by film footage.

In May, the president was captured on camera clearly worse for wear at a rare and highly-ceremonial public display of the Czech crown jewels.

At one point Mr Zeman struggles to negotiate a step and is seen being aided by a cardinal.

However, despite the video evidence, his office insists he was mot drunk, he simply had a virus and subsequently needed a day or two of rest.