Gattogate: The FBI is One Degree of Separation from Mike Gatto – Now Add Porn Valley, Conspiracy & Murder to the Mix=Organized Crime

June 12, 2013 –Monica Foster commentary:

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Today I received a news tip from one of my sources which has already made national headlines: On June 4th, 2013 State Senator Ron Calderon (brother of Tom Calderon who was supported in 2012 by Mike Gatto for California state assembly) had his office RAIDED BY THE FBI. This is the first time such a thing has happened in 20 years, and according to my source – the raid is directly tied to Tom Calderon’s activities.

Senator Kevin DeLeon has been subpoenaed just days after the federal raid as have other state lawmakers (though their offices could neither confirm or deny this) as reported by the LA Times.

Now I’m sure many of my readers will ask, “Well, it seems to me Monica that you’re reaching a bit – what does this FBI raid have to do with PORN?”

Well – if Ron Calderon is being examined by the FBI in regards to his brother Tom Calderon’s “activities”, that means that some of those activities most likely relate to the “City of Bell scandal” – of which a central figure in the scandal (former mayor George Cole) was known to work with Yolanda Miranda & Associates.

Funds paid by the Tom Calderon campaign in 2012 to Yolanda Miranda and Associates

Funds paid by the Tom Calderon campaign in 2012 to Yolanda Miranda and Associates

Guess who else was found to have worked with and paid sums of money to Yolanda Miranda & Associates? Tom Calderon (the proof is to the right). Tom Calderon has been reported to be a business partner of George Cole.

Mike Gatto supported Tom Calderon in 2012, but it’s unknown (to me at least) as to whether Mike Gatto has utilized Yolanda Miranda & Associates. Considering however, that Yolanda Miranda & Associates have been found to produce slate mailers which read “Citizens For Good Government” and Mike Gatto was listed on one (misrepresented as a Republican by the way), I have a feeling he’s familiar with Yolanda.

The slate mailer I found on that misrepresents Mike Gatto as a Republican AND has a "No on B" ad along with an ad for District Attorney Jackie Lacey

click to enlarge: The slate mailer I found on that misrepresents Mike Gatto as a Republican AND has a “No on B” ad along with an ad for District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Keep in mind that on the slate mailer Mike Gatto was listed on (which was posted in 2012 on, there was also an advertisement for “No on Measure B” AND the recently elected District Attorney Jackie Lacey (who is ironically a defendant in the lawsuit filed by porn studio Vivid Entertainment and pornstar Kayden Kross against Measure B).

Now if I’m noticing all of this, I’m certain that the FBI has noticed this as well. Bottom line: Mike Gatto will probably be investigated. 

Upon Mike Gatto halting Isadore Hall’s Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) – Isadore had some very strong words for Gatto.

isadore hall vs mike gatto tweets

Gatto has been accused by VARIOUS entities and individuals over the years of being corrupt.  Mike Gatto has even gone as far as to attempt to censor and silence bloggers in effort to cover up criticisms against his activities.

Being that it’s been 20 years since the FBI has taken the type of action as it is as of current against Ron Calderon – I have a feeling that someone at the top of the food chain has decided that it’s finally time to “clean house”.

To conclude I’ll answer the question: How does all this relate to porn? 

IF Gatto is investigated by the FBI due to having association with Tom Calderon, and is found to not be suited to be a California Assemblyman any longer (let alone appropriations committee chair), there could be grounds to re-open the vote for Isadore Hall’s Assembly Bill 332 (AB332).

On merely a SUPERFICIAL LEVEL it doesn’t look good for the state of California to have a state assembly member with TIES to a political face (the Free Speech Coalition) of an industry (pornography) who’s foundation is based on ORGANIZED CRIME (illegal prostitution and escort rings – view for details).  For it to be said by Los Angeles porn industry insiders such as Rob Black of (he discussed Gatto on today’s broadcast for that matter) that the porn industry has had “a guy on the inside” (meaning Mike Gatto) who could squelch a law which puts profits above performer health and safety is NOT GOOD. 

isadore hall vs mike gatto tweets

Mike Gatto at this stage (in my opinion) is “The Pornographer’s Politician” – meaning that he is one degree (and in some cases less) away from illegal prostitution and escort rings (which is organized crime).

From the start of Measure B, I have actively supported condom use in porn because it will not just protect performer’s health (and the public’s health for that matter considering how many pornstars are active escorts as clearly illustrates) – condom use in my view will SAVE LIVES (not only from deadly STDs such as HIV – but from Hep C as well, which as of current Cutting Edge Testing of the APHSS, created by the Free Speech Coalition, DOES NOT TEST FOR).

You can’t put a dollar amount on a human life – and anyone in the United States of America who feels that you can, should not be a part of ANY legitimate governing entity from my perspective.

For those who need a visual aid to understand how elements discussed in this post are connected, I created a chart for you below:

porngate chart 02

click to enlarge

vivid and kayden kross vs jackie lacey los angeles

click to enlarge – porn studio Vivid Entertainment and Kayden Kross vs. Los Angeles County (Jackie Lacey a defendant)

Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s Father Shot and Killed in Silver Lake Home

The father of state Assemblyman Mike Gatto was discovered shot to death in his Silver Lake home Wednesday night, the victim of an apparent home invasion, police said.

The body of Joseph Gatto, 78, was found at about 8:15 p.m., slumped over a desk in his home in the 2800 block of Bright Lane, Los Angeles police Lt. Richard Parks said.

Firefighters and paramedics who responded to the scene determined that he had been shot in the abdomen by a small-caliber gun, Parks said.

PHOTOS: Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s father shot dead

“The residence had been ransacked to a certain degree,” he said.

Mike Gatto — a Democrat who represents the 43rd District, which includes Silver Lake, Burbank, Glendale and part of the La Crescenta foothills region — had been “made aware of his father’s passing,” Parks said.

Reached by phone in Sacramento on Thursday morning, Mike Gatto said his sister made the discovery after she hadn’t heard from their father all day.

HOMICIDE REPORT: Tracking killings in Los Angeles County

“She went over there and found him dead,” he said.

After missing the last flight out of Sacramento on Wednesday, the assemblyman said he was waiting to catch a flight to L.A. Thursday to reunite with family members, who were at the house.

He added that few details about what happened were available because the investigation was in its early stages.

The incident marked the first homicide in Silver Lake this year, according to the L.A. Times’ Homicide Report database.


Calderon says Investigation is Payback

State senator says he refused a request from federal investigators to wear a wire in a sting operation.

Ben Hueso, Ron Calderson

State Sen. Ronald S. Calderon, right, says he was asked by investigators to record talks with two state Senate colleagues. (Rich Pedroncelli, Associated Press / May 16, 2013)

SACRAMENTO — State Sen. Ronald S. Calderon, who is being investigated by the FBI on suspicion that he accepted bribes, accused federal authorities Wednesday of trying to smear him for refusing to wear a wire in a sting operation against two other senators.

In a motion filed in federal court in Sacramento, Calderon (D-Montebello) says authorities from the FBI and the U.S attorney’s office repeatedly asked him to participate in an investigation of Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles).

He was asked to wear a wire to secretly record conversations with them, the filing says.

Calderon declined and “refused to continue participating in the FBI’s sting operation,” the motion says. It is not clear what, if any, assistance Calderon had provided.

Federal agents raided the senator’s office in June. Last month, a 124-page, sealed FBI affidavit detailing bribery allegations against Calderon was posted on a media website. Calderon’s court filing accuses the authorities of leaking the document.

Calderon has not been charged with any crime and has denied the allegations, which include accepting $60,000 from an undercover FBI agent posing as a film studio executive and $28,000 from a Long Beach hospital executive in exchange for efforts to influence legislation.

Leaking the affidavit broke the law, Calderon’s motion asserts, and federal authorities should be held in contempt of court. The document was illegally released to the media “in an effort to defame and retaliate against Senator Calderon for not cooperating in its ‘sting’ operation,” the filing says.

Mark Geragos, Calderon’s attorney, said federal authorities have been “targeting the entire state Senate. When they realized they didn’t have anything, that’s why they engaged in payback.”

Included in the court filing is a copy of a receipt that Geragos said was signed by a federal official the week after the office raid, when Calderon returned wire equipment that investigators had given him.

Lauren Horwood, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Sacramento, declined to comment Wednesday. The Department of Justice is reviewing the source of the leak, according to a previous statement from Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Los Angeles.

Eimiller declined to comment Wednesday.

Calderon’s court filing is the latest development in a corruption investigation that has rocked the Capitol, and its assertions were quickly disputed by Steinberg, the Senate leader, who issued a statement calling it “pure fantasy.”

His spokesman, Mark Hedlund, said the Senate leader has been informed by federal authorities that he is not a target of the investigation.

Dan Reeves, chief of staff for De Leon, declined to comment Wednesday. De Leon recently released a letter from a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles saying “he is a witness, as opposed to a subject or a target” in the investigation involving Calderon.

Calderon’s motion came a day after Steinberg and other senators stripped him of his committee posts. He lost six assignments, including his position as chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee.

Steinberg said the allegations against Calderon “are serious enough to potentially cloud any interaction the senator might have with colleagues, advocates and the public on issues within a committee’s jurisdiction.”

In addition, Calderon is being pressured to resign by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) and local leaders in his district. At a news conference Wednesday, they said the investigation of Calderon has hurt their efforts to regain voters’ trust after a series of corruption scandals in the area.

“The public must be able to trust their elected officials,” Garcia said. “Everyday I’m hearing from them: ‘We don’t trust you.’ This is sucking the air out of everything we do.”

Gil Hurtado, mayor of South Gate, complained that the investigation particularly hurts Latino officials.

“We are getting judged based on this,” he said.

In a statement Wednesday, Calderon suggested that the call for his resignation was politically motivated. He took aim at Garcia, who organized the news conference and who some believe may be interested in running for Calderon’s Senate seat.

“Without knowing the full story and waiting to hear all the facts in this case, she has assumed the role of judge and jury by calling for my resignation,” Calderon said. “What has happened to me could happen to anyone in public office.”

Times staff writer Kate Linthicum in Los Angeles contributed to this report.