2014 WH Correspondence Dinner Hookers: Hollywood Sex Slave Sofia Vergara and Gov. Chris Christie

EDITORIAL: If you’ll recall, Hollywood sex slaves are regular guests at these taxpayer funded media smooze fests. You know, they just make my job here so easy. Last week, Sofia Vergara was quoted as saying that “if a man can afford to pay for sex, why not?“.

People who have true freedom understand that renting human being’s bodies to USE for their own sexual gratification is a violation against one of our most basic instincts and to humanity itself. That’s why, Sofia. You prove you are truly totally clueless about what it is to be a real woman, much less a good mom!

Gee, Gov. Christie . . . I thought you were married (where IS your wife, anyway??). Wondering if President Obama is now Vergara’s pimp? A GOP 2016 presidential hopeful and a Hollywood hooker on Donkey Kong turf  . . .

What bridge scandal??

Christie-VergaraKimmel’s Christie jokes light up Twitter

Capitol Quickies – Posted on April 30, 2012 by John Schoonejongen

If Twitter is any measure of how hot a politician is, Gov. Chris Christie appears to be smoking.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie looks alongside actress Sofia Vergara during the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington, DC, Saturday. AFP PHOTO

At Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner, comedian Jimmy Kimmel jabbed at the political ruling class with pointed and often hilarious results. The dinner itself generated nearly 61,000 tweets, according to The Washington Post’s political blog, The Fix. But when Kimmel took aim at Christie, Twitter went nuts.

Kimmel set up jokes about Christie’s weight by praising First Lady Michelle Obama’s focus on eating better foods.

“She just wants us to be healthy,” Kimmel said as he gestured toward the First Lady.

Then Kimmel turned toward the audience.

“Look!” he said to the Michelle Obama. “It’s Chris Christie! Get him!”

Kimmel followed that by wondering whether Christie misunderstood New Jersey’s nickname, telling the governor that it’s not the Olive Garden State.

Those jokes, according to The Fix, generated 765 tweets per minute, by far the highest number of the night.

In addition to the attention, Christie may have gotten the last laugh. He sat next to Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, who can be seen at the governor’s right in this clip, laughing along with Christie.

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