ACTION: California Attorney General Kamala Harris Works FOR Sex Offenders and Traffickers – Tell Her to Protect Your Children Instead!

EDITORIAL: A major reason California is a safe haven to sexual predators and sex traffickers is because of their AG, Kamala Harris. She has either ignored or blatantly worked in opposition of those who fight for our children’s protection from sexual abuse. Kamala Harris needs to be taken out of the political arena. She is working for sexual predators and sex traffickers and AGAINST YOU.

Here’s my experience with Ms. Harris. LAPD ignored a sex trafficking victim inside the Los Angeles porn industry so I sent a complaint to Kamala Harris requesting an investigation. This is what I received:

Oh I Forgot, I Did Receive One Response – From California Attorney General, Kamala Harris

I reported to Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, that there was sex trafficking in Porn Valley and there was a victim who had gone to the police whereby they had only helped her get her stuff back. They did not arrest the people who had tricked her into coming to Porn Valley, made her perform in scenes and cam shows and then held her items hostage to try to keep her there.

I also explained that girls and guys were dying of disease in the porn industry so they needed to step up the process to protect these workers. They are so trauma bonded to these people that they can’t demand safety for themselves.

I did get a letter with a response from Ms. Harris. The response I got was to file a complaint with the LAPD!!

Ummm, I was writing to say the LAPD didn’t do anything about it when the victim called them so somebody needed to explain sex trafficking to them. Ummm, there should be a report about this unless they didn’t bother to write it down so a report has been filed. I was saying to do something about it. Ummm, you really want ME to explain this to the LAPD when they do tend to like to participate in porn video production themselves.


Why is Kamala Harris protecting mobsters, gangsters and traffickers?

Because she belongs to them!

California Attorney General Kamala Harris – our “top cop” – is surrendering to sex offenders! By refusing to defend Prop 35’s online provision, she is also putting the federal sex offender law at risk.

Recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision by the District Court that ruled a provision in Prop. 35 requiring sex offenders to provide internet identifiers to law enforcement in a timely manner was unconstitutional. The Attorney General of California must decide THIS week whether to appeal the court’s decision to the U.S. Supreme Court and has indicated an unwillingness to do so.


Kamala Harris is quite ‘chummy’ with President Obama

Democrats protect predators, sex traffickers, pimps and pornographers.

Please call Attorney General Harris today, and urge her to appeal the Prop 35 case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Call (800) 952-5225 or Fax: (916) 323-534

It is ironic that our AG promoted Internet Safety Day on Tuesday- a week after she pulled out of defending Prop 35’s requirement to keep sex offenders accountable online so kids and adults alike can be safer.

“You cannot promote internet safety by protecting the anonymity of sex offenders. This is clearly a case of misplaced priorities and indicates a blatant disrespect for California voters,” said Chris Kelly of the Safer California Foundation. “Someone needs to explain to the voters how this Attorney General can appeal the foie gras ban to save the lives of geese, but won’t appeal this case to save the lives of children who are preyed upon on the internet,” Kelly added.

You and I worked hard to get Prop 35 passed to stop sexual exploitation online and offline. Our Attorney General should work hard to defend it and the will of 81% of the voters who stood behind Prop 35.

Please call TODAY (800) 952-5225 or Fax: (916) 323-534

Thank you,

Daphne Phung