Senate Trafficking Deal Clears Way for Loretta Lynch – BTW, It was Liberal FEMINISTS Who Really Held Up Funding for FEMALE VICTIMS!

EDITORIAL: Notice, they didn’t mention all these pro-abortion groups being the spearheads of stall tactics on the human trafficking bill before. The TVPA is 15 years old. Domestic trafficking victims have waited 15 years to get help and liberal feminists stop that help to fight about abortions that were handled under other programs already. Why would liberal feminists fight AGAINST a bill that would help children, teens and women who are being sexually exploited, sexually assaulted, sexually tortured NOW? 

Liberal feminists want girls and young women to think they are empowered by being sexually exploited. Men wanted older women and they created the MILF and Cougar. Men wanted big, big women and they created the BBW. Men order what they want and liberal feminists sell the concept to their own gender, through media and entertainment, to bring in the product. Got her pregnant? They even created abortions to take care of that!

Liberal feminists are the true propagandists who pimp the concept it’s empowering to be paid for your sexuality. They say having your body parts pimped out by some man, rented to thousands of men and making a little cash so you can pay to be prettier for all these men, is somehow magically empowering for you as a female. Think about that statement. Liberal feminists want you to think empowerment comes from putting a price tag on your body parts and making a man pay you for the privilege to abuse them . . . and YOU. YEP. That’s a FACT!

This whole stall was political for these reasons:

1. Planned Parenthood and these other greedy liberal feminist groups (trying to keep it professional here) won’t let anything happen on behalf of females without making sure they’re going to get more money out of the deal. We, the ‘average’ American female, are their bargaining chips. They use our sexuality to barter for their positions like throwing poker chips into the pot. They don’t really help many females but it sure pays for their extravagant and fame obsessed executive lifestyles.

Women who go to Planned Parenthood pay to go there. There are ZERO free services regardless of a female’s ability to pay. I know young women who have gone there with serious problems and there was ZERO help though they were homeless and without employment and insurance. They’re happy to help for a fee. It’s a hefty fee too. You can go to any clinic, get the same prices and it doesn’t cost taxpayers $500 million each year!

2. Liberal feminists work FOR pimps, not against them. They are fine with the lower level of human females on our earth being bought and sold (Their opinion, not mine. I say, flip the program on them. They are the weak link). They will help females who will pimp their agenda and won’t be competition to their agenda. Oh, and the ones they want to sleep with.They run an extremely submissive programming on younger girls they keep for themselves. The ’empowered’ women I met in Los Angeles were some of the most rabid predators I’ve ever met. I did worry about being bitten so I ran the other way whenever I could!

The rest of us lowly females, they sell to pimps, in exchange for higher positions and bigger fortunes for themselves. Their agenda, btw, IS the pimps agenda. None of these bitches (sorry, still trying) are in charge of anything. They ALL answer to men. As long as they get their share, their position and their own are protected, they will recruit every other female on this earth for the pimp. Pimps had to pay their dues here. This was an barter exchange between pimps and recruiters that was the true stall. Deal’s done now. Planned Parenthood gets more of taxpayer’s money. Continuing sexual exploitation and abuse assures more paying customers.

3. They say they held this bill up because of language restricting funding for abortions. First of all, it’s the same language in existence in many forms and in many venues. Abortion was already covered under the provisions they’re calling a victory below. It’s called the Helms Amendment. Liberal feminists gotta get their press time though, and this was a perfect spin opportunity to say, “Wow, look at how these liberal feminists fought for women’s rights. We saved you once again”. “And, btw, you should vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a liberal feminist too. She is the woman’s candidate, after all.”

Problem with this whole equation is that, while liberal feminists held this bill up for how many days, so that a few victims may hypothetically need an abortion and who are now able to get it under the exact same program that they’ve ALWAYS been able to get one under”, these liberal feminists held up life saving funding for thousands of REAL VICTIMS that DO NEED SERVICES and DO HAVE NEEDS. Why? So they could pat themselves on the back in mainstream media in a pathetic attempt to PROVE good ole Hillary is the only candidate who really cares about women. She will fight for your right to an abortion. WHAT ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE GOING WRONG IN OUR LIVES??



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SIDEBAR: Hillary’s husband has spent the last several years campaigning for her with sexual predators, pimps and pornographers. He brings Dennis Hof’s prostitutes to his events and flies his foreign donors to private islands where they do things with children and young women that are illegal in the US. Yep, liberal feminists love women because they are an endless supply of slaves to trade for their high life. Look at where all these liberal feminists are today while comparing where the ‘average’ American woman is today. They’ve done nothing to advance real women. The majority of women!


FILE – In this Jan. 28, 2015 file photo, Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Updated: 2:32 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Senate will vote by Wednesday whether to pass a long-stalled bill against human trafficking after settling on new language to restrict public money going to pay for abortions, the chamber’s top lawmakers announced Tuesday, setting up a quick vote soon on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he’d forced Republicans to back off their more expansive abortion restrictions, which he called a “pointless, contrived fight,” clearing the way for the deal.

Leading Republicans also declared victory, saying the pact validated their firm commitment to wrapping up the bill before they moved on to Ms. Lynch. It also allowed them to keep pro-life language in the bill while claiming they can govern effectively by reaching across the aisle.

“It looks like we have a path forward,” Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and lead sponsor of the bill.

GOP leaders said they are hammering out the terms of debate on some amendments, but hoped to wrap up the bill by the next day.

Mr. Reid, though, warned that the bill is still tenuous and urged fellow senators not to try to alter the deal through amendments on the Senate floor.

“Let’s hope that post-agreement amendments don’t ruin the agreement that we’ve reached,” he said.

The anti-trafficking bill, which imposes new fines on those convicted of trafficking and uses the money to aid their victims, had strong bipartisan support — until Democrats suddenly balked at the abortion language. They said they’d missed it in the bill, while Republicans said they’d known about it but didn’t object until pro-choice groups demanded a fight.

Under the terms of the new agreement, money collected from traffickers will go to a non-health related services such as legal aid for victims. Health services for victims, meanwhile, would be paid for out of existing community health center funds, which already have abortion restrictions on them, circumventing the need for a new abortion fight.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, said the two-fund solution came to her while traveling through a cornfield during the Senate’s spring break earlier this month. The idea received little resistance in personal phone calls to other senators.

“I just knew it had a chance, because no one ever said it was impossible to do,” Ms. Klobuchar said outside the Senate chamber.

She said it was the latest sign that some of the chamber’s partisan frost had begun to melt, even if sharp divisions remain over topics such as immigration reform. Last week, the chamber passed a long-sought overhaul to how doctors are paid under Medicare on a whopping 92-8 vote.

That bill applied the abortion restriction, known on Capitol Hill as “Hyde language,” to community health center funding, making it more difficult for Democrats to slap down a Republican offer to apply the same language to the trafficking measure.

The White House said Tuesday it hadn’t seen the new language but it was optimistic.

“If we see strong Democratic support, including from champions for women’s health care like [Sen.] Patty Murray, then that certainly seems like the kind of thing that the president would be able to support,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a pro-choice group, applauded the breakthrough Tuesday.

“Senators Reid and Murray and other women’s health champions held the line and today’s agreement prevents Hyde from being extended even further into other funding streams, and provides survivors of human trafficking with immediate access to needed health care services,” fund president Cecile Richards said.

NARAL Pro-Choice America took a harder line, saying it was unfortunate that abortion restrictions were in the bill, period.

Republican leaders had insisted the trafficking bill be finished before they would allow a vote on Ms. Lynch, whom President Obama nominated last year to replace Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

This week’s agreement clears the way for that vote.

“As soon as we finish the trafficking bill, as I’ve indicated for some time now, we’ll move to the president’s nominee for attorney general — hopefully in the next day or so,” said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

Ms. Lynch appears to have majority support, but only just barely, as conservatives have accused her of failing to uphold the Constitution by supporting Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said the GOP should focus on her record in fighting gangs and human trafficking — the very subject of the bill that’s needs to clear the Senate before her vote.

“Calling a vote on Ms. Lynch and confirming her would be a big set forward in the fight against trafficking,” Mr. Durbin said. “It’s time to end this delay and obstruction.”

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