DEMOCRAT’S WAR ON US WOMEN: Foreign-Born Women Gain 141,000 Jobs, U.S.-Born Women Lose 90,000

Washington Examiner by Paul Bedard  9/4/15 11:17 AM

The surge in the numbers of foreign-born women getting U.S. jobs at the expense of American-born women expanded in August, continuing an eight-year trend.

New Bureau of Labor Statistics info detailing August jobs shows that the number of U.S.-born women 16 and older with jobs declined by 90,000 and rose for foreign-born women by 141,000.

There are currently 59.258 million American-born working women compared to 10.028 foreign-born working women.

Secrets last month reported that all job gains among women since the 2007 recession hit went to foreign-born women workers.

In December of 2007, 9.041 million foreign-born women workers were employed, for an increase of 1.128 million. In December of 2007, 59.322 million American-born women workers were employed, for a decrease of 161,000.

The total number of foreign workers employed in the U.S. stands at 24.914 million.