CLINTON WAR ON WOMEN: Is the New Clinton Book True? The Rob Black Show Breaks It Down!

EDITORIAL: For more on these newest Clinton revelations, be sure to check out PITV’s October webcast where Desi Foxx & Monica Foster discuss ‘The Clinton’s War On Women,’ a book by Roger Stone & Robert Morrow.


Rob Black / October 23, 2015:

Is Clinton Book True?

From 10-22-15 episode of The Rob Black Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

The Benghazi Committee hearings have been dominating the news. It was funny watching Trey Gowdy and Elijah Cummings get into a shouting match. They’re sitting right next to each other. I keep waiting for Elijah to give Trey a shot in the jaw. Hillary was just sitting there with a grin watching them go at it.

It got me thinking about a new book that just came out called The Clintons’ War on Women. It’s written by Roger Stone. Stone is a big time political operative going back to the Nixon era. He’s like a Karl Rove or a James Carville. A behind the scenes player. He was recently an advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign. He either quit or was fired, depending on who you talk to. The Clintons’ War on Women is available in all the book stores like Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

The book talks about all of the affairs that Bill Clinton had. Instances of sexual harassment and rape. I kid you not. Rape. Women having their pets killed. It talks about a guy named Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of having sex with an underage girl. Epstein is a billionaire hedge fund manager who has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. He had a resort that he would fly people in on a private plane where they would have sex with underage teen girls. Stone alleges Bill Clinton took rides on that jet, along with famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.


Here’s my question. If this stuff is not true, why is Roger Stone and his publisher not being sued? Why are cease and desist letters not going to Amazon and Barnes and Noble? If this book is full of lies, saying that the president raped women, why is this book out? If the book is out and is allowed to be sold without any repercussions, then I would take that as meaning the book is true. If the things in this book are true, then why is nobody talking about it? Why are there no Bill Cosby-like investigations? Why is it not being dissected on every political talk show?

Everyone from CNN to Fox to MSNBC and every blog out there has done shows and stories about a book that came out about Donald Trump doing business with the mob back in the 70s and 80s. We’ve talked about this before. It was virtually impossible to be in the construction business during that time without someone down the line having some affiliation with La Cosa Nostra. If you poured concrete without permission, someone would end up in a box. They all did stories about a book that came out alleging Trump raped his wife Ivana, a claim she denies. Everyone from Rachel Maddow to Lawrence O’Donnell to Wolfie Blitzer broke down every minutae of these books trying to damage The Donald.

Was any of it true? If these books have been out for years and are still available, there has to be nuggets of truth. So why is Roger Stone’s book The Clintons’ War on Women available?

The book details Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broadrrick, Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Paula Jones, Kathy Fergusen, Christy Zercher, Kathleen Willey and dozens of others. Bill’s rape of 19-year-old Emily Wellstone, which got him thrown out of Oxford. Hillary Clinton’s use of private detectives to collect information on Bill’s victims and silence them. Hillary’s weird, quasi-sexual relationship with Huma Abedin, who is Anthony Weiner’s wife.

If everyone talks about Donald Trump doing business with the Lucchese crime family almost 40 years ago, then why is nobody talking about Bill Clinton’s association with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? What about Clinton Presidential Library donor the Sultan of Brunei, who rules a country where women get their heads cut off for learning to read and who maintains a haram of underage girls?


The book talks about Chelsea not being Bill Clinton’s real daughter and a DNA test that proves it. Bill’s ties to murder, a stint in drug rehab and an illegitimate black son that he refuses to support are also alleged.

How is Roger Stone not sued? I can’t write a book that says I had a secret relationship with the Obamas 20 years ago where we would smoke crack and have a big orgy with Michelle. If I wrote that book, don’t you think I would get sued? Don’t you think I might have problems publishing it? Would Barnes and Noble sell that book?

If I wrote a book that said I had sex with the Bush daughters and was threatened by George Bush and the Secret Service killed my pets, don’t you think I would have some problems if it weren’t true?

The Enquirer gets sued by politicians and celebrities all the time. Sean Penn is suing Lee Daniels for comparing him to Terence Howard and implying that he beats women. People and publications get sued for making false statements constantly, so don’t tell me the Clintons couldn’t have done anything about this book.

Don’t tell me that they didn’t want to dignify his claims with a response or waste time on a lawsuit. If somebody writes a book that says you’re a pedophile, a rapist and a murderer and it’s all made up, would you just let that go? What normal rational person would?

For the past year we’ve been exploring the allegations against Bill Cosby and digging up old women who claim they were abused by him. Stories dating back to the 60s. Women who said Bill Cosby forced his penis in their mouth on the set of I Spy. Things that happened 40 years ago. Here we are in 2015 and we’re talking about it. Every day a new Bill Cosby story. People are demanding answers. They say if it were one or two women, maybe they made it up. But when multiple women tell the same story, there’s something there.

Roger Stone names at least 11 women were sexually abused by Bill Clinton and claims there are numerous others. Why is there not a Bill Cosby-style witch hunt on Bill Clinton? I get that the media is liberal, but all these women are not part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. At some point you have to admit that there is some truth to it.


I thought this was the year of the woman. Women are fighting for equal pay. Saying that sexual abuse claims should be taken seriously. Don’t fat shame, don’t slut shame. But here is a book that claims countless instances of women claiming that Bill Clinton assaulted them and nobody’s taking it seriously. I don’t see a group of women sitting together on TV or on a magazine cover and standing up for all abused women like they are with Bill Cosby. None of these women have Gloria Allred going to bat for them. Billy Cosby’s the Jello Pudding Pop guy. Bill Clinton is a former President of the United States and his wife is running for president. And everybody’s turning their backs to the story.

Jeffrey Epstein is a guy who is guilty of having sex with a child and he was somebody who associated with the Clintons. If a guy has an island resort where sex happens with kids and he and Bill Clinton fly there on his private jet, do you think they are going there to play cards and watch TV?

These are all allegations that are relevant now. It’s not 75-year-old women talking about what the Jello Pudding Pop man did to them at the Playboy Mansion back in the 70s.

It’s amazing that no one is talking about this book. They just say it’s all lies and it’s all fake. They why is it being sold by Amazon and Barnes and Noble? Why is nobody suing Roger Stone?


Because it’s true?