CLINTON COLLUSION: Security Source Details Bill Clinton Maneuver to Meet Loretta Lynch

EDITORIAL: This is a HUGE reminder of what it will be like to have the Clintons back in our White House. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton believe they are above the law and so far, our failure to stop either one of them is proving they’re correct in their thinking. 

Even if the Clintons don’t want to follow our laws, Loretta Lynch is in a position where she doesn’t have that same luxury. While Bill was extremely wrong to initiate this meeting, it was Loretta’s responsibility to JUST SAY NO. But she didn’t. She should not only recuse herself from Hillary’s case, we should be asking for her resignation for unethical and illegal activities. The fact that Bill Clinton gave her a major boost in her career years ago when he appointed her as a U.S. attorney in 1999 should have been enough for her to recuse herself from this case from the very beginning. This whole situation smells as rotten as they come!

I mean, Loretta Lynch is the Attorney General of the United States. If she doesn’t follow and enforce our laws, she sets that same example for our entire nation.

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