Giuliani Calls DNC ‘Most Anti-Police, Anti-Law Enforcement Convention’ Ever


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called the Democratic National Convention “the most anti-police, anti-law enforcement convention I have ever seen in my whole life,” this morning while appearing on “Fox and Friends.”

According to the former mayor, he was told that “there was not a uniformed police officer allowed on the convention floor.”

“I was told that by four high-ranking Philadelphia police officers,” Giuliani remarked. “I walked the floor two nights. I couldn’t find a single uniformed police officer. Go look at your footage. Find me a uniform.”

When asked why, Giuliani said it was because “Hillary Clinton didn’t want uniformed police officers on the convention floor.”

This, Giuliani explained, is why when vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said “Semper Fi!” in his Wednesday night speech, there was a half groan, half cheer from the crowd.

Kaine was making a reference to his son, who is a Marine. The phrase is short for “Semper Fidelis,” which is used by the Marine Corps, not police officers.

If he had been the mayor of Philadelphia, Giuliani said he wouldn’t have allowed the convention in his city if “I didn’t have my cops on the floor.”

“Suppose somebody got shot or killed? And my cops are not going to be there?” Giuliani asked.

Furthermore, the former mayor lamented that on the first night of the convention, the Democrats had to “find an American flag.”

“Gee, we don’t want somebody to see the American flag and no uniformed police because it might annoy the people at the convention?” Giuliani said in frustration.

However, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was one of the speakers Wednesday night.