TRUE COST OF HYPOCRISY: A Tale of Two Louisiana Disasters & America’s Liberal Media Bias

EDITORIAL: I encourage everyone to go back through history, at least to the great depression to begin with, but back to the founding of America and then research forward from there. While doing your research, approach the resources you find knowing liberal bias and considering these facts.

Throughout history, the Democrats main platform agenda has been to define freedom as the right to do whatever you want without government interference to stop you. Their definition is a statement against law and order. Without law and order, anarchy ensues. Law and order is what allows the good to prosper and the evil to be diminished.

Republicans, on the other hand, have always been for law and order. They do believe in building business and community with a focus on ethics and morals. Not the definition that probably comes to your mind thanks to liberal media bias. Media pimps have defined the GOP as everything that, in truth, is what the Democrat’s own platform creates and fosters.


George H.W. Bush Sr. was the first president in America’s history to declare war on the drug cartels who addicted our country to heroin, cocaine, etc. after the Vietnam war and the Democrats sexual revolution. Consider the fact that it was the Democrats agenda that gave us our drug problem. And it was the Republican’s agenda through George Bush Sr. who declared war to put a stop to it. See Drug Wars, George Bush’s Drug Czar and Miami drug cartels (Miami Vice television show is based on this era).

Now, let’s talk about George W. Bush. He came into office in 2000 and went straight to work enacting the 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act. I happened to have the privilege to study Human Trafficking under Anna Rodriguez, who worked with President Bush on the TVPA because one of her cases was used to help create the act. She received an award from President Bush for her work on the TVPA and her dedication to fighting Human Trafficking. Anna founded Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking which is where her daughter, Giselle Rodriguez, rescued me and gave me the strength to become the activist I am today!

President Bush went straight to work taking down the Democrats pimps and pornographers. Three of these porn industry leaders who were also sexual predators went to prison and one, John Stagliano, one of the top porn producers in Porn Valley, had a case waiting in the Supreme Court, ready to be prosecuted when Bush left office and Barack Obama was sworn in.

Within months after Obama took office, the evidence against John Stagliano became mysteriously corrupted (it was the actual DVDs that the illegally obscene evidence was created on and distributed to the undercover agents). Stagliano’s case was thrown out and effectively ended America and George Bush’s war against our legal US pornographic sex industry and their illegal international sex trafficking ring. Since Obama has been president, there have been no investigations and no prosecutions though there’s been millions of violations reported.

When you go back and readdress history without the influence of liberal media bias, you will begin to see it has always been the Republicans who made America safer and more successful. It’s also always been the Democrats who have fought for the freedoms of criminals and sexual predators. We must remember our media networks are not even owned by American companies but by foreign entities whose motives are self-serving and anti-American because they want control of our country and our people. See assassination attempts on American presidents and you’ll see it’s the Democrats who keep killing off our chances to have the American Dream!

When you consider these facts, it brings another major disaster from our not so distant history into question. The World Trade Center attack has been used from many angles for many years now, to throw doubt and suspicion of epic proportions on the entire Republican party and anyone who dares to publicly support them.  Extremist liberal indie filmmaker, Michael Moore, even hypothesized that they were co-conspirators in this horrendous terrorist act against our own citizens.

In looking back, how did these liberal colluders have everything queued up and ready to roll when they immediately began an ongoing loop joking about President Bush sitting with children when he first heard of the attack and the planes hitting the towers of the World Trade Center? They made a huge joke of the shocked look on his face. It was the entire story right from the start. It was their top propaganda piece within moments of news networks rolling on this story. How did they have all that ready to air within moments of the attack?

We really need to be asking the question…considering all the other crimes Democrats have committed against our nation and our citizens, to gain control over our systems and advance their harmful and corrupt agendas, isn’t it much more likely the Democrats would stoop at nothing, such as bombing our financial systems and killing a few thousand workers, to further their own criminal agenda? To pimp out our children to the World’s elites? To addict our youth to their commercial sex services and drug enterprises? To arm criminals around the World so their networks can expand everywhere?

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Today’s culture calls it Porn, Pills and Rapper Rules. The Democrats agenda of irresponsible sex is now a multi-million dollar abortion and body parts enterprise. Their promotion of partying with drugs and alcohol has created multi-billion dollar liquor and pharmaceutical industries. And their music industry has had free reign to recruit our youth to their sex slavery, drug addiction and organized crime networks for the past 45 years. Music touches the soul and they want those souls for evil!

I’d say we need to be asking the question…would the Democrats attack their own citizens to be able to steal and sell their children? We all know they already have. How far would they go to gain control of our nation? We have already seen how far.

The sooner we accept these truths about what we’ve allowed to happen here, the sooner we can get back to making our ‘American Dream’ a reality again! 

August 19, 2016, 01:51 pm
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If ever there was a contrast to make around “then-and-now” media coverage of a Republican and Democratic president put in similar situations and their respective reactions to it, this one definitely makes the Top 5.

2005: President George W. Bush’s presidency is basically declared over after he waits two days to cut a vacation short to return to the White House to directly engage in relief strategy around hurricane-ravaged Katrina. On Day 3, he would visit the Gulf Coast to survey the damage.

The headlines at the time and since have included, A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina, The 7 worst moments of George W. Bush’s presidency, Kanye West Rips Bush at Telethon, What If They Were White?, Jesse Jackson lashes out at Bush over Katrina response, Katrina thrusts race and poverty onto national stage: Bush and Congress under pressure to act.So it’s clear how the narrative went from “Bush waited three days to visit the Gulf Coast” to “Bush is a racist who would have acted faster if white people were victims of Katrina.”

Why? Because Kanye West said so.

Fast forward to August 2016 — several storms hit Louisiana, not just a hurricane — the floodwaters have created the biggest natural disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Katrina.At least 13 people are dead, more than 85,000 people have applied for federal disaster aid, 30,000 people needed to be rescued and 40,000 displaced. State officials report it is easily the biggest housing crunch since Sandy.

In Livingston Parish, officials report as many as 75 percent of the 52,000 homes there had been damaged by floodwaters. In Ascension Parish, water had seeped into one of every three homes.

“We’ve been through Hurricane Gustav, Katrina, Isaac and Rita, but this without a doubt is the roughest we’ve ever had in this parish,” said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard.


A very simple question, if George W. Bush was president right now and playing golf with celebrities in one of the richest zip codes in the country, would the headlines again be everywhere that portray him as insensitive, out-of-touch, even a racist president be the same now as they were 2005? Of course they would.Instead, President Obama continues his vacation that includes fundraising events for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the relative silence is deafening.

Supporters of the president will argue that communications in this day and age make it easy for a Obama to monitor any situation from anywhere, therefore eliminating the need for him in this case to actually survey the damage up close.

Back to something Bush said in 2005 while touring the wreckage:

“I don’t think anybody can be prepared for the vastness of the destruction,” Bush said. “You can look at a picture, but until you sit on that doorstep of a house that used to be, or stand by the rubble, you just can’t imagine it.”

So can President Obama fully appreciate what’s happening across Louisiana now via news reports and updates via his advisers? Likely not. There’s nothing that matches actually speaking to families that just lost everything face-to-face or seeing whole communities destroyed up close. Nothing.

The president has received sporadic criticism of not cutting his vacation short and surveying the damage first hand, but nowhere is it remotely a lead story despite this being the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, which was only the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

CNN calls the devastation in Louisiana “historic”. But only one newspaper editorial board, The Advocate in Baton Rouge, is calling on the president to end his vacation.

“A disaster this big begs for the personal presence of the president at ground zero,” the paper writes in an editorial titled, ‘Our Views: Vacation or not, a hurting Louisiana needs you now, President Obama.’

“In coming here,” it continues, “the resident can decisively demonstrate that Louisiana’s recovery is a priority for his administration — and the United States of America.”

Will the New York Times or Washington Post editorial board follow suit? Of course not.

Obama mocked the Bush Administration in 2005 for its “unconscionable ineptitude” after Katrina hit. He even visited the area to report what he witnessed.

But the headlines this morning are all about Paul Manafort’s resignation, Trump’s alleged pivot, U.S. swimmers up to no good in Rio, and the $400 million payment to Iran that the administration still insists wasn’t ransom to free American hostages.

There is also one more headline: How funny it is that the president played golf with the guy who played Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live in the form of Larry David.

2005: A Republican president takes three days to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi after cutting a vacation short.

The media at the time declares that was way too long, far too insensitive, even pushes a narrative that labels him racist.

2016: A Democratic president will not only cut a vacation short in any capacity to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana — the worst of any kind to hit the country in four years — but hasn’t even made any public statements on it. Not one.

The media of 2016 now yawns. Basically indicates its no big deal and if there is actual criticism, it doesn’t lead a cable news hour or go anywhere near a front page.

Thinking of teaching a class on partisan media one day? Put this example at the top of your syllabus.

Joe Concha is a media reporter for The Hill.

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