Trump Donates 18-Wheeler Full of Supplies to Louisiana Flood Victims & Democrat Mary Landrieu Gives Thanks

Liberals sat around condemning Donald Trump today for going to Louisiana.

Apparently, leadership and AMERICA FIST is a foreign concept to these idiots. They accused Trump of only showing up for a “photo op.”

I wonder how they felt when they discovered he donated an 18-wheeler full of supplies.

Watch the video:

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Louisiana Dem thanks Trump for visiting flood zone


Former Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., thanked Trump on CNN Friday for visiting her state and calling attention to the flooding there that has killed 13 people and left thousands homeless.

“I want to thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana,” she said. “I think the governor’s admonition of not using it as a press op is a good one, but he brought attention to our state, and we need that now.”

Her comment was much kinder than that made by the state’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, who said Thursday that Trump shouldn’t show up just for a photo-op.

“Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the La. Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm,” he said.