PAY TO PLAY: Watchdogs Release New Emails that Link State Department, Clinton Foundation & Donors

The Hill August 23, 2016, 04:19 pm By Nikita Vladimirov

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A new trove of emails from Hillary Clinton’s top aides at the State Department was released Tuesday, revealing conversations with a former State envoy who has been swept up in accusations of illicit connections between the State Department and Clinton’s family foundation.

The emails, released by conservative watchdog Citizens United on Tuesday, include dozens of pages of messages between top aides to the Democratic presidential nominee and Declan Kelly, a former economic envoy to Northern Ireland, from the time he started in 2009 to his resignation two years later.

Kelly allegedly used his insider ties to build a consulting company and also earned approximately $2.4 million in international consulting wages while serving as Clinton’s special envoy.

Kelly’s exchanges were primarily with Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, longtime Clinton advisers who have also worked for the Clinton Foundation.

Emails show Kelly planning economic events for Clinton to attend during a visit to Ireland, as well as his transition from special envoy to unpaid adviser.

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“[Declan Kelly] is going to serve as an expert on Northern Ireland – what more is there that is needed?” Mills asked in one email in March 2011 after being pressed to provide a full description of his new duties.

Teneo Holdings, the consulting company launched by Kelly after he left the State Department, later employed a number of Clinton associates, including Abedin, who still held her position at the State Department while working for the firm.

The emails were released as part of Citizens United’s lawsuit against the State Department and Freedom of Information Act requests.

On Monday, another conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, released emails that seem to connect a number of wealthy donors to the Clinton Foundation and some of Clinton’s aides at the State Department.

Also on Monday, the FBI announced it had found an additional 15,000 emails that had been withheld from the original investigation into Clinton’s private email server, which she used during her time as secretary of State.