About P3

Welcome to ‘Porn Pimping Politics’ where the objective is to expose politicians, judges and other influential government leaders who are out there promoting and protecting pornography, prostitution and pimping through their decisions and actions as leaders in America. What they protect and promote is called Sex Trafficking and Human Slavery and it’s illegal so why would our leaders be promoting and protecting it??

P3 is a place to identify those decision makers who choose to cheat with prostitutes and escorts, get caught in sex scandals and others who show, by their actions and behaviors that they are not promoting and advocating family values and equality and respect for women and children in America but instead, are pimping a nation where girls and women are sex slaves to be sold to the highest bidder or john. Over 80% of the entire World’s pornography is shot right here in America. The internet is basically owned and regulated by America, right in the State of California. You can see who is letting our family’s online experience become flooded with obscenity. Children are viewing porn for the first time at the average age of 9-11 years old and by the time they are 16, 90% have viewed porn, many using it daily to masturbate to. Why is our government letting this happen?? Why won’t our government protect our children??

If you’re unsure about whether pornography is something that you should worry about, check out FMG’s pornography resource site at ‘Porn in the Valley‘. See for yourself how there is sex trafficking, labor abuses, torture, drugs and exploitation in the porn industry. Porn Valley sells you fantasies. At ‘Porn in the Valley‘, you can learn about the realities of porn for free!!

At ‘Moms Against Media‘, see for yourself how pornography has moved into advertising, media, news and Hollywood as well as into our White House. It’s not about what adults want for entertainment anymore. It’s about sexual predators and pedophiles working to pornify America’s youth, causing them to live in an over hyper sexualized and pimp glorified environment that is hurting our children and damaging everyone’s sexuality. Check out these sites for more information because what happens in Porn Valley affects us ALL!!

An election year is a perfect time to take a look at what the politicians really support and if your best interests are being looked after. Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words so let’s take a look at who’s doing what so you can make educated decisions to use with your voting power.


Knowledge is Power. Educate yourself about WHO and WHAT you are REALLY voting for. Do they really stand for the same values you do?? See for it yourself!!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out ‘Who’s Pimping Who and What in Washington DC’? If you have tips or information you’d like to add to the list here on ‘Porn Pimping Politics‘, feel free to email them to Editor@FoxxMediaGroup.com. Please be sure to include whether it’s an anonymous tip or if you’d like credit. All information will be researched and verified before posting. Here at P3, we all work as a team to bring truth to the World!!

To a Better Future for Our Children,

Diana Grandmason







One thought on “About P3

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