P3’s Editor

Learn more about P3’s Editor at DIANAGRANDMASON.COM

Please feel free to visit my personal site at DianaGrandmason.com to view my biography, resume and services I offer as a small business owner. I have 15 years experience in business administration and operational compliance in the financial, legal and real estate industries. During that time, I assisted in the start up and growth of 4 independent companies and 2 corporate divisions. I truly enjoy my work as I combine my many years of knowledge gained to provide quality products and services to my clients and followers.

My first blog ‘Porn in the Valley‘ began in March of 2008 when I started to cover Porn Industry news . . the real news, not the fluff pieces Porn Valley sells you. Since then, I’ve added 13 more sites, including right here at ‘Porn Pimping Politics‘ where politics and porn promotion are a reality that meets for the first time in the hardcore truth. Seems more and more these two Worlds are colliding and forcing their warped senses of reality into our homes and families lives. P3 scoops the latest news on how our hyper sexualized societies are being affected from all the twisted angles Hollywood, Porn Valley, mainstream media and our government are constantly throwing our way!!

I want to personally thank you for visiting Porn Pimping Politics and for your support of my work. I hope you will visit often to learn more about the reality of what’s happening in America today and how it affects you and yours! Be sure to check out our other FMG sites where you will find a variety of other entertaining and informative options to enjoy!


Diana Grandmason, Editor











One thought on “P3’s Editor

  1. juuuuhuu otkrio sam kako se ojatvljasu komentari ovde nikako nisam mogao naci ovu formu za upis i sad slucajno kliknem na naslov to ko onomad kad sam trazio gde se otkljucava gepek na alfi (od frenda) pa otisao naput sa stvarima na zadnjem sedistu i onda se slucajno rukom naslonio na znak i pomerio ga a ispod njega bravica.. ima petnaest godina he he e pa druze moj, ne moze se napisati korektan tekst o navedenim pojavama. ako ne psujes u tekstu onda to nije korektan tekst o tim temama. a ako psujes pa nije lepo da se psuje ))


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