Decriminalizing Prostitution – If It’s Not Illegal, It’s Legal…Understanding the Pimp Propaganda

Let’s talk about decriminalizing prostitution. If it’s not illegal, there’s no longer any ability to stop it. There are no longer laws to enforce against it. Every country who has tried full decriminalization of prostitution has declared it a failure, increasing sex trafficking and other illegal mob and gang activity. Watch this video to understand the latest pimp propaganda you’ll see in the news which completely misleads the public using a feigned concern for victims and false data to support their attempt to pimp the world’s exploitable. The World’s oldest human rights organization has been taken over by George Soros, a top donor to Amnesty International, and his pimps who called for Worldwide decriminalized (aka legal) prostitution in 2015. This proposal has been submitted to the United Nations. In reality, these organized crime networks have joined to call for Worldwide decriminalization of pimps and johns giving them a legal human right to sell and buy human beings for sex slavery, to satisfy their own sexual self gratification and for profit. Are you ready for your daughters’ main career choice to be working as a sex slave to the World’s elites? Knowledge is Power. Educate yourself by learning more about this important issue mainstream media is not telling you about!